Toprime 003 Digital Wrist Cuff review

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Toprime 003 Digital Wrist Cuff Description :

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Correct measuring posture:
1) Please sit in a room where the temperature is appropriate for measurement. Your body should be relaxed and posture should be natural. You should sit on a chair, set both of your feet on the ground, and keep your body sitting upright with your back straight.
2) Please level the blood pressure monitor with your heart position as shown in the following figure. Relax your mind and keep a relaxed and natural posture for measurement.The blood pressure value will change depending on posture, time and other various factors; it is suggested to measure blood pressure with the same posture at the same time of every day.

For obtaining accuracy of blood pressure, suggestions are given as follows:
1) Strenuous exercise, smoking or drinking stimulants/ depressants (for example, coffee or alcohol)is not allowed 30 minutes before measuring blood pressure.
2) Please rest in a comfortable and stable environment for at least five minutes before measuring.
3) Usually sitting posture is adopted for measurement.
4) One hand should be fixed for measurement. If it is the first time measuring your blood pressure, two hands should be fixed for measurement.
5) Blood pressure should be measured at least twice each time at an interval of not less than five minutes; longer time interval might be needed for different personal health statuses.
6) Arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis patients should be measured by medical staff for professional diagnosis.

Technical parameters
1. Display mode: liquid crystal display screen
2. Measuring mode: depressurization type oscillometric method for measurement
3. Power supply: two AAA alkaline batteries (3V)
4. Measurement range:(20-280)mmHg/ (2.7-37) kPa (blood pressure) (40-160) time/ min (pulse rate)
1 x Packing box
1 x Product Specification
1 x Certificate of inspection.

Toprime 003 Digital Wrist Cuff  Monitor Review:

  • WHO prompt box, blood pressure range at a glance, so you always master the blood pressure is normal or abnormal. Time, data recording function, can be stored for a long time the value of your data, and more comprehensive understanding the changes of data.
  • Intelligent tied with automatic compression, without hands, can use more efficient. Multiple data also showed that heart rate, pulse value, blood pressure values, etc., very nice family medical assistant.
  • Easy to read – This digital blood pressure monitor comes with a large LCD Display Screen that makes it extremely easy to read. One touch operation for ease of use.
  • FDA approved and CE certified. Easy to use, with automatic inflation and reading of blood pressure and heart rate.
  • High quality guarantee, Best Customer Service. Reply within 12hs, solve your problem within 24hs. Help you get a good experience.

Toprime 003 Digital Wrist Cuff


  • Has an irregular heartbeat detector.
  • Very good price.
  • Shows Hypertension level
  • Allows multiple users to store readings separately.
  • Data averaging function
  • Excellent for accuracy.
  • Very Good for comfort.
  • This one has a WHO Indicator
  • Large LCD Display Screen
  • FDA approved and CE certified


  • No batteries included


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